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‘KonKoma Remixed’ sees three of KonKoma’s album cuts remixed and reworked by three of the most exciting synth laden Afro-electro producers around today. With the original versions rooted in 1970s Ghana 'KonKoma Remixed' adds modern edge to their rich blend of Afro-funk, jazz, soul and traditional African rhythms. New Jersey based, Chico Mann (aka Marcos Garcia), pushes his signature style in an up-tempo house informed direction on his reworking of 'Sibashaya Woza'. Huntley and Palmer’s Auntie Flo strips down ‘Handkerchief’ and adds a sparse rattling beat to one of the album highlights, turning it into a hypnotic and almost industrial slice of new afro electronica. Finally French producer and synth magician Débruit delivers a futuristic afro post-punk breakdown with her remix of ‘Kpanlogo’.

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