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Soundway Publishing is the home of Soundway Records’ compositions and writers. It began in 2012 after a decade of critically acclaimed compilation albums, re-issues of African, Caribbean, Latin and Asian music from the 1950s to the 80s and original contemporary releases from artists like Batida, Ibibio Sound Machine, Susso, Msafiri Zawose and Lord Echo.

Soundway Records is a London-based independent record label founded by British DJ and music producer Miles Cleret. It started in 2002 when Cleret was visiting Ghana and came up with the idea to start a label whilst listening to some LPs with a bunch of seasoned musicians in Kumasi. He was in the right place at the right time. ‘Ghana Sounds: Afrobeat, Funk & Fusion in '70s Ghana' was released right after that trip. 

In 2014, The Guardian named Soundway “One of the 10 British Labels defining the Sound of 2014”. In 2017, Soundway was named label of the year at the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards.

Today, Soundway Publishing’s catalogue comprises the vast majority of Soundway Records’ repertoire and expands it’s reach to represent other superb young labels and talented writers and composers. 

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