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Ntombi Ndaba


Ntombi Ndaba, originally from Emondlo near the town of Vryheid in Zululand, moved to Johannesburg to chase her dream, soon landing a role in the Gibson Kente musical ‘Hungry Spoon’ alongside teenage Brenda Fassie. In 1985 Ntombi hit the big time fronting Ntombi & Survival, releasing a string of powerful and popular disco albums. In 1987 Ntombi and producer AT ‘Rubber’ Khoza set up their own label, Annex. Her compositions and songwriting were extroverted and out-there. ‘Do you Trust Amajita’ (Zulu for ‘guys’) is a simple cautionary tale about a guy going to a party, getting drunk and cheating on his partner.

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Condry Ziqubu


Condry Ziqubu  was born in 1951 and raised in the Alexandra township, north of Johannesburg. When he launched his solo career in 1986 he was already an established name, having played in bands since the 70’s such as The Anchors, The Flaming Souls, The Fleming Ghettos, Harari and with Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu. His four-track debut album ‘Gorilla Man’ showed him to be a uniquely talented songwriter and composer. “ It was recorded on Commissioner Street at EMI Studios way back”, he remembers. 

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