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This compilation by Soundway Records is comprised of twenty rare, and mostly unavailable, tracks from the slick and sassy world of Nigerian pop music and club culture of the early 1980s. The earliest cuts on the collection are firmly rooted within the deep disco sound of 1979 & 1980 before progressing into the boogie and pop that typified the years 1982-84: falsetto vocals, synths, slap-bass, handclaps and a sharp emphasis on the groove. Steered at the helm by a handful of legendary producers who had cut their teeth in the studios and groups of the 1970s, such as Odion Iruoje, Nkono Teles and Tony Okoroji.

It was a glossy, brash new form of pop music born out of ashes of late 1970s disco and funk and, just as in America, was the soundtrack to a new generation for whom money, style and flirtation trumped the overblown psychedelia of the previous decade. 

Peter Abdul


Tony Okorijo & Steve Monite


Nkono Teles

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