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Los Angeles based Dexter Story is an artistic spirit in the truest sense. From his work as a multi-instrumentalist for acts such as the Sa-Ra Creative Partners, to his management role with Snoop Dogg and his turn producing Daymé Arocena’s 2017 album Cubafonia, Story understands the business from every conceivable angle. His songwriting is immersive and inspirational. This is what he tells us about his latest album, 'Bahir': "The songs in this collection are inspired by my re-immersion into Africana studies and ethnomusicology. The aspirational context for the songs was my keen awareness of the male and female dynamics in our world particularly throughout Africa and the U.S. Bahir means “sea” in three important Semitic languages: Arabic, Ethiopia’s national language Amharic, and Hebrew that all have history in East Africa and its diaspora. Water has strong feminine characteristics and the music speaks to the strength, softness, resilience, and expansiveness it embodies. I want each song on Bahir to stand on its own but inextricably connect to the body of work."

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